Gender Affirming Care Services

What is gender affirming care?
Gender affirming care, also known as gender affirming therapy or gender affirming medical treatment, refers to a range of medical, psychological, and social interventions designed to support individuals in aligning their physical and emotional well-being with their gender identity.
This care is specifically tailored to transgender and non-binary individuals who may experience distress or discomfort due to incongruence between their gender identity and their assigned sex at birth.
What are our gender affirming care services?
If you have begun your gender journey, we are here to support you in the following ways:
  • Hormone Therapy – Our clinic can provide maintenance hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to aid in physical changes that align with an individual’s gender identity, such as body hair distribution, voice pitch, and breast development.
  • Mental Health Support – Therapy and counseling services can address the psychological and emotional challenges that individuals may experience during their gender transition. Counseling is important and a mandatory requirement in the state of Florida before starting HRT. We can help you find counselors who are accepting patients undergoing HRT.
  • Social Support – Navigating social challenges and discrimination that can arise during a transition is crucial in gender identity care. We can help you find organizations to assist with challenges like relationship changes, workplace environments, and legal documentation.
    Harmony Healthcare offers gender affirming care in our Orlando clinic. Dr. Varesh R. Patel handles these visits personally and will individualize treatment based on patient needs.
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    Why is gender affirming care important?
    Gender affirming care is essential to ensuring the well-being and quality of life for transgender and non-binary individuals. It acknowledges and respects each individual’s unique gender identity and provides them with the tools and support they need to live authentically and comfortably.
    Do I need insurance to receive gender affirming care?
    We offer a sliding scale program for patients who are uninsured, which helps cover office visits with our provider, screenings, lab work, and referrals to additional services at no cost to you. Once our healthcare provider has completed all necessary screenings to begin HRT, you will be provided with a prescription to take to the pharmacy, While access to the services our office provides does not require insurance, pharmacies and outside providers may require insurance to cover the cost of medications and/or additional care outside of our office.
    What is hormone replacement therapy?
    Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a medical treatment used in gender affirming care to help individuals develop secondary sexual characteristics that align with their gender identity. This may involve taking hormones like estrogen or testosterone, prescribed and monitored by healthcare professionals.


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