Hepatitis C Testing & Specialty Care

Rapid Hepatitis C Testing
Hepatitis C is a viral infection that is spread through exposure to contaminated blood. Hepatitis C often goes unnoticed, every adult should be checked for HEP-C at least once in their lifetime. Our offices offer rapid Hepatitis C testing at no cost to you!
Hepatitis C Specialty Care
Our dedicated team will help you get on your path to wellness. As part of our Hepatitis C specialty care, we offer:
  • Medical exam for Hepatitis C, including lab work and liver staging
  • Full STI exam, including HIV testing
  • Dedicated HEP-C treatment team to help you on your journey to getting your Hepatitis C cured.
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    What is Hepatitis C?
    Hepatitis C is a liver infection caused by the hepatitis C virus. Hepatitis C is often described as “acute,” meaning a new infection, or “chronic,” meaning long-term infection.
  • Acute Hepatitis C occurs within the first 6 months after someone is exposed to the Hepatitis C virus. Hepatitis C can be a short-term illness, but acute infection leads to chronic infection for most people.
  • Chronic Hepatitis C can be a lifelong infection if left untreated. Chronic Hepatitis C can cause serious health problems, including liver damage, cirrhosis (scarring of the liver), liver cancer, and even death. (cited source: www.cdc.gov)
  • What are Hepatitis C symptoms?
    Chronic Hepatitis C is a condition that develops gradually, and as a result, symptoms other than fatigue may not become apparent until several weeks or even months after infection.

    This delayed onset of symptoms is characteristic of Hepatitis C, making it important for individuals at risk of exposure to undergo regular testing and screening. Early detection is key to managing and treating Hepatitis C effectively, as it allows healthcare providers to intervene promptly and prevent potential complications associated with the infection.

    If you suspect you may have been exposed to Hepatitis C or are experiencing symptoms like fatigue, it's essential to consult a healthcare professional for proper evaluation and testing.
    How is Hepatitis C treated?
    Our offices follow the CDC recommendations for treatment, and Hepatitis C can also be cured with an 8-12 week treatment of oral therapy. Remember, you can get infected again even after successfully clearing the virus. So, if you are at risk for Hepatitis C, you should get tested regularly.


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