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Case Management
Our Case Management team will help develop a plan with our patients to prioritize needs, identify and help eliminate barriers to care, and further linkage to eligible services. Our team can also help you find local resources for food assistance, community support groups, and financial assistance. We make our patients a priority, which is why we also help our HIV and PrEP patients stay on track with their meds.
Following your initial in-person appointment with us, we offer the convenience of telehealth appointments via video chat on your smartphone, computer, or tablet!

This virtual option allows you to access our healthcare services from anywhere, ensuring continuity of care and personalized support without the need to visit our clinic in person for follow-up consultations.

Telehealth appointments provide flexibility and accessibility, making it easier for you to prioritize your health on your terms.
Transportation Services
If you need help getting to your appointment, our office can provide transportation to help you keep your visit at no cost to you! *

* Restrictions apply, please contact our office for more details.
Language Interpretation Services
With the help of our live interpretation service, we can continue to provide quality care to our patients while communicating in their native language. We have access to phone and video interpretation for over 200 languages, including American Sign Language (ASL)!
Free Condoms
Help yourself to free condoms at any of our office locations. We offer multiple options in various sizes and fun colors!

Rapid Hepatitis C Testing

Hepatitis C is a viral infection that is spread through exposure to contaminated blood. Hepatitis C often goes unnoticed, every adult should be checked for HEP-C at least once in their lifetime. Our offices offer rapid Hepatitis C testing at no cost to you!

Hepatitis C Specialty Care

Our dedicated team will help you get on your path to wellness. As part of our Hepatitis C specialty care, we offer:
  • Medical exam for Hepatitis C, including lab work and liver staging
  • Full STI exam, including HIV testing
  • Dedicated HEP-C treatment team to help you on your journey to getting your Hepatitis C cured.
  • Connect With Our Team To Learn More!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    I can’t make it to my appointment; what do I do?
    We want to make your first experience with us as convenient as possible. Please call or message our office for other options if you cannot make your appointment.
    Am I eligible for case management?
    Case management is offered based on individual needs. If you are experiencing hardships or could benefit from additional resources, please let your healthcare provider know so a Case Manager can reach out to you.
    How does my Case Manager communicate with me?
    A case manager will primarily communicate with you using our secure, encrypted patient messaging app. If they can't reach you through the app, they will also communicate via phone or email.


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